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Key activities

Stef is the head of IRC Consult and the acting director of Strategic Partnerships. He is also the coordinator of IRC's country programme in Honduras, and of IRC's other work in Latin America. As such, most of his work experience is in countries in that region, particularly Honduras, Colombia and Bolivia. In addition, he has most experience in Southern Africa (South Africa and Zimbabwe) and India. 

Thematically, he is mainly working on sustainability of rural water supplies and particularly on the institutional arrangements for supporting community-based service providers, and the costs of that. He has also been working on the linkages between WASH services provision and local-level IWRM. His particular attention goes out to multiple-use services, or the provision of water for both domestic and productive uses at household level. Amongst others, he is the secretary of the Multiple-Use Services Group (MUS Group In addition, he is an Executive Steering Committee member of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN).


Stef Smits graduated as an Irrigation Engineer (MSc) from Wageningen University. He joined IRC in 2001 as part of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) programme. In that programme he was based at IRC's partners Cinara (in Cali, Colombia) and The Mvula Trust (in Johannesburg, South Africa) for almost three years. Since 2004 he works from IRC's offices in the Hague, working on the above-mentioned themes and regional programme.

Stef es el coordinador del programa regional del IRC en América Latina. Mayor parte de su trabajo se encuentra en los países de esa región, en particular en Honduras, Colombia y Bolivia. Stef es experto en la sostenibilidad del abastecimiento de agua en zonas rurales y los vínculos entre los servicios de WASH y la gestion integrada de recursos hidricos a nivel local. Un tema de interés son los servicios de uso múltiple, o el suministro de agua para usos domésticos y productivos a nivel de hogares. Stef es el secretario del Multiple-Use Services (MUS) Group ( Además, es miembro del Comité de Dirección Ejecutiva de la Red de Abastecimiento de Agua Rural (RWSN).


Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swedish

Selected publications

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