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Marieke is a WASH expert and has over 18 years of experience in the WASH sector, with a special interest in small town WASH, participatory strategic planning processes and evidence-based decision making in WASH.


After graduating as an Irrigation and Water Engineer from Wageningen University, Marieke joined IRC as a Junior Professional Officer (JPO) in 2003. Within the JPO programme, she was stationed with the NGO Forum in Bangladesh and with the TREND Group in Ghana. In 2006, she joined the IRC team in the Netherlands. 

Since then, she has led and participated in (action) research studies in Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe on issues like monitoring sustainable WASH service provision, small town water supply, Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM), multiple-use water services, and cost recovery and financing.

She has experience in working closely with Ministries (e.g. the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and electricity in Ethiopia) and government agencies (e.g. Community Water and Sanitation Agency in Ghana) in identifying and addressing sector challenges. She also has experience with supporting knowledge management and sector learning processes in various contexts and countries (e.g. support to the establishment and development of Learning Alliance Platforms in Ghana and Ethiopia and the Resource Centre Network Ghana).


Current main responsibilities

• Supporting the Accountability and Adaptation team, responsible for monitoring, with special emphasis on monitoring service level and financial indicators
• Supporting various action research projects, with special focus on monitoring and sustainability issues
• Leading development of a District WASH Master Planning Facility


Selected publications

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